Somatics at play within the ethereal sphere

of magic circles rooted in our yesteryear.

I said hello to you again,

what a pleasure to be seen.

You placed my hand on your heart,

let’s collide as candles gleam.

Vibrancy of energy soaked into the room,

a palpable heat of heart beats loom.

As we twirl, push, spin, and shake,

your right eye glimmers as I quake.

With a complete gladness to have found,

a similar soul who loves to ground,

into the pleasurable magic of our human being.

Undeniable truth of our bodies freeing.

Romantics at play within the ecstatic sphere,

I will find you again, don’t fret my dear.

As you hear the familiar beat when time stands still,

my body knows yours, the exploration of free will.

Inspiration to last a thousand years,

the knowing of sorrow beyond our tears.

I will meet you again in many life times,

The cradle of play within the heart lines. 

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