Over the years, Gymshark has become a worldwide phenomenon when it comes to athletic apparel -- among the likes of big brands like Lululemon, Nike, and Adidas. 

Having its own charm, Gymshark has been able to grow with the help of social media fitness influencers to promote their products by creating an aesthetic around fitness apparel. 

While this is a smart  move on Gymshark’s end, following closely in the steps of Lululemon’s fitness ambassador program, being a sponsored Gymshark athlete is an exclusive opportunity that very few are able to get.

Beyant Kaur, better known as Kaurstrength on Instagram, recently became  the first South Asian woman to be a sponsored Gymshark athlete, after changing the fitness game for Sikh women when she started her page in early 2013. 

Beyant has shared her fitness journey over the years, as she's trained for spartan races, broken norms for women when it comes to strength training, defying all myths of working out while pregnant, rebuilding her body and and strength after giving birth, and setting the bar when it comes to living a clean and holistic lifestyle. 

Beyant Kaur is a powerhouse of a woman and has broken down barriers for South Asian women, and inspired them to live their lives being unapologetically themselves and not giving a sh*t what others think about them. 

By breaking down norms of what women are capable of, and standing up to those that try to bring her down for what she does, Beyant has been resilient, and continues to share her daily workouts with her followers. 

She has shown her followers time and time again, that with a little consistency and pushing yourself beyond what you think you are capable of, your body can surprise you. 

Her dynamic workout videos, healthy meal tips,and  her passion for living a healthy lifestyle, will definitely get you inspired to hit the gym, and it is even more motivating when it comes from a woman who looks like you do.

South Asian and Sikh representation is scarce when it comes to predominantly white brands and spaces, but seeing a dastaardhari, Sikh woman from Vancouver, being one of the first in the world for Gymshark, is a big win for our community. 

With everything going on in the world, it is up to us to show up for our people and support and encourage BIPOC to continue doing what they're doing, especially when they reach big milestones that put the community on the map.

Beyant is just one example of Kaur Strength that exists out there, and her strength, resilience, and perseverance, will likely inspire generations of Kaurs to come.

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