I could have never dreamed that in post 9/11 America, I would see more South Asian representation in Times Square in the span of two years, than I had in several  decades.  From the iconic Turban Day to Anik Khan’s pivotal “Damn, It feels good to be an Immigrant” billboard and Happy Monday’s content work, it’s become clear that South Asians behind the scenes and in front of the camera are here to stay. 

Last week, the man responsible for several record-breaking songs and his quirky quarantine chef skills, Diljit Dosanjh dropped his album, “G.O.A.T.” 

Whether you love it, hate it, or get major Drake vibes from it -- the 10+ song album is an ode to identity, storytelling and a lot of down time during isolation.  

Featuring artists from around the world like New York’s very own G.Sidhu, singers Kaur B,  and Nimrat Khaira, to name a few, the album embodies much of Diljit’s style, staying true to his Punjabi background, while showcasing his love for aesthetics that are far more universal. Having worked with directors like Shomi Patwary in the past, it's no secret that Dosanjh is truly embracing global opportunities. 

Premiere track, “G.O.A.T” gives us major men in black energy as Diljit and G.Sidhu are seen in black on black tuxedos and rolling deep. Written by Karan Aujla and  directed by Rahul Datta, the song is definitely what the squad will be bumping on their night out. Like any good music video, the cars, clothes and swagger are definitely on par. 

With an 18-year career as an entertainer, it’s clear that Diljit is finally branching out and expanding his musical and visual abilities. Dosanjh comes in swinging, with the Punjabi talent stacked on this album by featuring artists to writers like Amrit Maan and more.

From songs that mirror a traditional Punjabi sound to tracks with hip hop/RnB nuances, the variety is plentiful. Who doesn’t love bars and a tumbi in the same song? 

Reeling from his Spotify Twitter launch party, Diljit is taking to the internet,  asking his fans to give him feedback on the album, how it makes them feel and sharing his favorite fan cover videos. My personal favorites from the album are G.O.A.T,  Peed,  and Pyaar because senti season came early this year. 

Will Diljit become the Maluma crossover artist for Indians? Will “G.O.A.T” be played at clubs across the world like “Mundian Toh Bachke” was? I can’t be sure but, this I know -- South Asians in entertainment  are just getting started. 

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