So many brown boys losing their ways
Dreams wiped clean by Bindy's brains
Repeating history this ain't no class
‍All the gurus turned to ash in the ghats
Their words roll off our tongues and straight into the trash

We still talk about caste forever more
What's new in store?

We'll pimp ourselves out to look like a boss
Put my family at risk just tell me the cost
Boy why you feeling so down that you need a gat
Why you feel you gotta walk around with a bat
Looking to fuck shit up now how about that
Another kid buried over honour and disrespect

Turf wars over land your parents own
Running these streets from a broken home
Eyes all red boy what are you on

They gotta be Sikh or you can’t see
If they ain’t Jatt you don’t believe
You trapped in your own damn mind can you not read
Everything is one - Nanak said that shit to me
But everywhere I look I just can’t be free

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