Black-owned businesses to support, now and always.

Jashima Wadehra (@jashimaw)

As the world begins to respond to ongoing systemic racism against the Black community across the globe, many of us may find ourselves feeling the urgency to help, to post, to learn, and to be and do better. 

How can we channel this online advocacy beyond social media, beyond voting polls, and across different countries? 

One way is to be conscious of how we are spending, and who we are supporting, and by buying, hiring, contracting and spending on Black-owned businesses.

Indians are the wealthiest minority in America, and one way we can help is by better allocating our money to support Black communities beyond the online movement.

In order to rebuild systems and establish new normals based on the principle of equality, we must invest in communities that have been historically oppressed and marginalized, and move our support to the next level.

We’ve rounded up Black-owned businesses you can purchase from in both BC, and across the United States below, courtesy of Forbes and BC Business.

Let’s make our dollars, our advocacy, and our solidarity count:

  1. Hair care from Briogeo, defined by texture and style not ethnicity. 
  2. Helping minorities build wealth, learn to save and improve credit scores for renters, Esusurent is a must.  
  3. From supplying entities like FB and Airbnb to hiring POC and previously incarcerated employees, Red Bay coffee does more than keep us awake. 
  4. Makeup from Mented, for every skin tone. 
  5. Shoes for every occasion from Brothervellies. 
  6. Textiles from around the world online at Batiqua. 
  7. Mastectomies don’t have to mean mediocre bras, Cherry Blossom is reinventing life after surgery. 
  8. Accessories from artisans across Africa, shop now at The Folklore. 
  9. Bank with the world’s largest black owned bank. One United.
  10. Partake in gluten free goodies from NYC. 
  11. Sip on summer ale from Crowns and Hops. 
  12. Diversify  your content consumption with Blavity. 
  13. 50 years of black-owned, operated content and media from Essence. 
  14. Let’s read and educate ourselves with the largest selection of African-American books from Eso Won
  15. Give the gift of chic from Jungalow. 

For more black-owned business across industries and disciplines:

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