Here are five stories you may have missed this week.

New Mindy Kaling show about sex lives of college girls


Mindy Kaling is back and bringing us shows we didn’t know we needed. The creator of The Mindy Project and Never Have I Ever dropped a new show this week with HBO Max titled The Sex Lives of College Girls. The show follows four freshmen students as they navigate their young sex, school and social lives at Essex College. Not only does the show explore the topic of sexually active young women, Kaling also gives audiences some brown girl representation within the main cast. Actor Amrit Kaur will play Bela, whose character is unforgiving and willing to make some eye-opening remarks. Based on early impressions, Kaur’s character is almost like what Devi from Never Have I Ever would be once she goes off to university -- unapologetic, outspoken, and completely herself.. Who doesn’t love a brown girl breaking barriers when it comes to having agency with her own sex life? The first episode of The Sex Lives of College Girls premiered this Thursday and will drop new episodes weekly. 

Britney Spears is finally free

After nearly 13 years of being under a conservatorship by her father, Britney Spears is finally free. Prior to her release from the conservatorship, Britney had no say over most of what happened in her life including business or familial decisions, and lacked control of her finances that were controlled by her father Jamie Spears. The news comes as a huge relief to many around the world that were advocating for Britney’s freedom through the #FreeBritney movement. Few others tried to explain the events with articles and documentaries including Britney VS. Spears and Framing Britney Spears. After the news of her freedom surfaced, Britney took to her own Instagram account to express how she felt grateful to finally be free. An Oprah interview has also been hinted at, so we might learn more about what Britney has endured during the past 13 years. 

BC Floods and Mudslides


B.C. was met with tragedy this week as much of the province’s southwestern region was met with extreme flooding and mudslides due to heavy rain from the weekend. The conditions became so extreme that highways in Abbotsford and surrounding areas, as well as key highways in and out of the Lower Mainland being shut down, leaving many people stranded as the weather worsened, in many cases having no access to food or water. There were also reports of highway rest stops and restaurants running out of their supply of food and water. Evacuations happened in Merritt, Vancouver Island as well as Fraser Valley. There have also been reports of a fatality due to this disaster. This is also not the first environmental catastrophe to affect B.C. this year; April was the beginning of the province’s battle with wildfires. The state of emergency for wildfires didn’t come to an end until September of this year. Since this disaster, many volunteers have come together to try to help those who are stranded including those from Surrey's Dukh Nivaran Sahib Gurudwara who prepared nearly 3,000 meals for people stranded in Hope. 

Diljit to star in new animated series

If it wasn’t clear yet that Diljit is always finding ways to one up himself, his latest move will definitely prove that to you. The singer has been announced as one of the voices in the new animated series Fables. The series will follow different popular fables that many of us have grown up with including The Tortoise and the Hare, with a modern twist. With Timbaland’s music platform producing music for the new show, it surely will be modern. Diljit, who has become beloved in his acting roles, just broke records with his latest Punjabi rom com Honsla Rakh which was filmed largely in Surrey. Fables will feature other voices alongside Diljit including Natasha Lyonne and Anthony Ramos. While this will be a new acting venture for Diljit, here’s to hoping we see more of his acting skills in animated form. 

The Taylor-Jake conundrum 

If your TikTok or Twitter algorithms haven’t exposed you to the Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal drama, you might be doing social media all wrong. The drama started late last week when Taylor dropped a 10-minute long version of her popular song “All Too Well.” The song, which was originally released in 2012 as a part of her album Red, has always been rumoured to be the track that addresses her toxic and problematic relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal. The song has been out for nearly 10 years and Taylor has long spoken about the extended version of the song. This version has finally been released along with a short film that gives a lot more insight into what happened with the their breakup and has made people wonder and reassess how they feel about Jake Gyllenhaal. The release of the short film and the song has sent lots of fans into a frenzy by letting them in on the intricate/nuanced issues that stem from having such a huge age gap. The new release has incited many articles and threads online that attempt to break down all the tea. For now, all we know is that Taylor continues to be the queen of winning breakups. 

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