The news cycle, along with the state of the world in general, continues to induce feelings of anxiety and dread. During these uncertain times, it is increasingly important to take  care of yourself  and your mental health. We all need an escape from time to time, and my personal choice of poison is TikTok. I take personal pride in manipulating the algorithm to curate my for you page (FYP) to be completely meaningless, entertaining, and utter trash—and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

In case the TikTok Gods find this article, I would just like to reiterate that I’m not trying to learn anything on TikTok. I’m on it to waste my time and lose hours of my life for which I have nothing to show for. Keep that self-help, DIY, learn-you-some content off my FYP, thank you very much.

On that note, I am here to indulge you in some of my favourite trends dominating the FYP this week:

1. “I just a baby”

Usually people’s rendition of a particular sound is more entertaining than the original sound & subsequent video itself, but this sound is the exception. The little girl who says “I just a baby” in the original video is just a toddler but I can already guarantee that she’s used to always getting her way.

Her logic is that because she’s “just a baby”, she is therefore incapable of listening and following directions. My favourite part is that she first says it in a cute baby-like tone, and when her mom clearly doesn’t get it, she fully yells it in her face. Absolute win, no further questions.

I can only hope to encapsulate such immaculate energy in my life. Imagine yelling “I just a baby” when asked to do something that’s not a part of your job description instead of figuring it out—chef’s kiss.

This sound has inspired endless animal videos, especially puppy videos, which are my kryptonite. How are you gonna be sad looking at a puppy living their  best life? 

This trend is one that keeps on giving. I am ashamed to say how much time I’ve spent watching videos with this sound exclusively, but I have zero regrets because …. I just a baby.

2. Image Spin

TikTok has a lot of filters, editing tools, and effects. One such effect is called  “Image Spin” and it’s being used a lot recently.

The whole premise of this trend is to share a nonchalant thing that happened in your life as a set up, such as going to the bank. Then the effect is applied which reveals a shocking turn of events, such as being held hostage during a bank robbery. The whole thing takes place with a slow jams version of PSY’s 2013 smash hit, Gangnam Style, playing in the background. 

This is one of those trends that doesn’t have an “original” per say. The sound is just a random TikTok DJ who mixed PSY’s “Gangnam Style” & Steve Lacy’s “N Side” together, and some unknown user used it with the “Image Spin” effect and this devastating trend was created.

I have gasped and hysterically laughed at a number of these. I can’t even fathom how some people’s lives can take such dramatic turns. Some of them are so unbelievably ridiculous and it gives me hope that I’m not the only one whose life is a joke sometimes. Others are a bit shocking, and clearly utilise dark humour as a coping mechanism to deal with some serious trauma—which I can respect.


Very engaging and fun otp, when I got there there was no out😔

♬ original sound - kooze

Go down the rabbit hole of this trend if you wanna be flabbergasted by someone else’s life-altering experience. However, I will warn you that you might end up 20 storytimes deep into a complete stranger’s page and feel like you know them on a very personal (albeit sometimes uncomfortable) level.

3. The Past Filter

@t3rrll #pov a grandson finds his grandfather’s leather jacket #fyp #foryou #trend #4u ♬ Mr. Brightside - The Killers

This is a wholesome trend and it somehow makes me feel nostalgic about the present, giving me perspective on enjoying the now.

Basically, there’s a filter that makes you look significantly older, and people are using it to age themselves. They find an item from their “past” and upon holding/wearing it, like a jacket or jewellery, they’re transported back to their “past”. The “past” is actually that person’s present, but it’s foreshadowing to when they will eventually reminisce about the present… in the future.

Explaining it in words is absolutely ridiculous, but I think you get the idea.

This trend encompasses sentimental feelings towards materialistic items, and how they can be portals into memories we’re making right now. Again, it’s just TikTok and it’s not that serious—but sometimes it can be emotional.

I love what people have done with this trend, and I see people of colour sharing their culture and  making it their own, which is the cherry on top of the nostalgia-filled cake.

4. “Slice of Pomegranate”

This is one of those trends where the original sound can be bent to fit any narrative, and people have gone off. The recreations can be anywhere from cute to NSFW, but it’s trends like these that show off the sheer talent on TikTok, and allow for everyday people to become viral.

The original sound and video is funny in an endearing way. It’s just a guy interviewing people on the street who accidentally misidentifies a grapefruit for a pomegranate in someone’s drink. The person who he is interviewing is really nice about it and asks him to try again.

@emmathebookworm Learning the difference between being attracted to real men vs fictional men written by women was a trip #booktok #bookrecs #lesbian #sapphic #wlw #sapphicbooks #sapphicbooktok ♬ original sound - Max Fosh

It would take me an entire article to name all the ways people have used this sound. That’s the beauty of it – it’s so random and versatile that it can be used to describe anything. It can be used to showcase art or sculptures and also to make fun of yourself for misidentifying your toxic tendencies.

You have to watch it to understand, but you might feel called out like I did.

5. “Describe my SO”

This is another wholesome and cute trend that might irk those of us who are forever jaded in the pursuit of romantic love.

The sound used for this trend is a jazz inspired, soft piano version of a Mac Miller song, played by a musician on TikTok, and people are using it to showcase their love for their significant other.

I think the idea is to create a Pinterest-style mood board that would be a reflection of your significant other and put it into a TikTok.

A user shows a photo or short video of their partner and then it’s followed by images of what the user believes their partner would be if they were a place, a car, a bedroom, a pattern, a drink, a character etc. There obviously isn’t a particular set of things you have to include, but that’s the general premise.

This trend is not limited by language like many others because the sound is just music, so people all over the world are making this trend in their native languages which is really sweet to see as well.

This is unbelievably adorable. I can imagine how great it must feel to have someone make this for you, and see how your partner views you. It is a personal thing you’re putting on social media for everyone to see but that’s just the reality of the world we live in.

You can make the TikTok and only share it with your partner if you’re not big on PDA but  even I have to admit that it warms my cold, jaded heart.

That's all from my little TikTok roundup. I hope there are things you find to give you a break from the chaos that is the world this week, even if its just scrolling through your FYP.

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Gurshabad Kang

Gurshabad’s educational background in Biology and Psychology is inspired by her lifelong pursuit to seek and decipher the human connection. She loves McDonald’s fries, long walks on the beach, and telling people how to correctly pronounce her name. She regularly forces her friends to sit in her car & record a podcast aptly named Sitting In The Car. You can find her but more importantly her dog, @gurshabadkang on all platforms.

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