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Our community is changing the world and very quickly, we are becoming the global centre for South Asian culture. From AP Dhillon selling out Rogers Arena to Intense producing beats that expand beyond borders right from 124th Street– it’s all happening right here, in Surrey. And there are countless others. We’ve never seen such talent, such potential, and such powerful future visionaries. And this is exactly why we started 5X - to tell these stories.

How can we catalyze this change? How can we make sure this movement keeps momentum? We need your support. Organizations like 5X are the beating hearts of community. They act as cultural producers by cultivating community and are safe spaces for people to explore their identities. An organization like 5X is doing so much grassroots work — it’s helping artists further refine their craft, make their art a full-time job, financially support artists and creatives, actively fight against discrimination and prejudice, and create more opportunities for South Asians and people of colour to work in arts and culture roles.

It’s also providing a home where those who have often felt lost, outcast, or judged feel safe and free to be themselves.It’s unfair to get angry at the youth – to outcast them, to dismiss their significance, to talk about violence and drugs – without actively supporting the solution or feeding their creativity. Help us help our youth and be a part of that solution.

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