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Hammad Abdullah

Hammad Abdullah

Hamad came from Pakistan to Canada as an international student and recently completed his masters in history from UBC. He is interested in issues related to South Asian cultures, histories, and colonialism. When not reading and writing (or thinking about reading and writing), he can be seen playing cricket.


In seva of Indigenous communities

What does it mean to be a Punjabi immigrant on Indigenous, unceded lands of Canada?

Surjeet Kalsey on domestic violence in the South Asian community and the need for men to dismantle the patriarchy

The writer and family therapist dives into her experience handling cases of domestic violence.

In search of an Indo-Canadian home

Mann reflects upon her experiences of belonging to a Punjabi community while growing up in B.C.

Panel discussion about the struggles of international students highlights the need for institutional and community support

Community members gathered in Surrey to discuss the exploitation of international students

UBC’s ‘Punjabi in BC’ project preserves the efforts of those who have made the revival of the Punjabi language possible

The oral history project features interviews from community members in the Lower Mainland.

On the floods in Pakistan, "Loss and Damage" fund and understanding climate disasters in the Global South

Two climate activists and scholars from Pakistan offer a complex understanding of the recent floods

FIFA President spins issue of migrant workers in Qatar during press conference

Despite various reports and investigations, Infantino fails to grasp the gravity of the situation

'Maluka': The novel unpacking histories of early 20th century Indian labour migrants in B.C.

Reading these stories tells those who continue to migrate for a better life, that we are not alone

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