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Divya Kaur

Divya Kaur

Divya Kaur is a queer disabled Punjabi interdisciplinary artist, learning writer, community builder, and anti-oppression professional living in diaspora on stolen Coast Salish territories including those of the Qayqayt First Nation. Her practice revolves around honoring the intersections, complexities, explorations and beauty of identity—especially through a lens of tenderness. Divya's work has been featured in publications such as Room Magazine, SAD Mag, and Vancouver Pride Magazine; and she's the co-creator of HIR: a community-driven South Asian LGBTQIA+ zine. You can view her work and book her through Instagram: @soft.kaur

Arts & culture

The tenderness and complexities of Kashif Pasta’s short film ‘Desi Standard Time Travel’

An appreciation and analysis of one of our favourite diasporic South Asian short films as of late.
Arts & culture

Pakistani-Canadian artist Sara Khan’s latest exhibit is a meditation on home, migration and lineage

The exhibit titled 'Mitti Ke Teelay' (Mounds of Soil) features a lush body of watercolour works

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