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Avneet Takhar

Avneet Takhar

Avneet Takhar is a freelance writer, Co-Founder of BIPOC Foods Van, Master of None enthusiast and major book nerd; Fariha Róisín and Jhumpa Lahiri are her favourite authors. Follow her via @_younghoney

Arts & culture

My reflections on “A Place for Us” and the role of family, faith and trauma

A review of Fatima Farheen Mirza’s debut novel and the interweaving themes it explores
Arts & culture

5 Female & Non-Binary South Asian DJs you should follow

They are giving us the freshest tunes with Desi influences
Arts & culture

My reflections on Mississippi Masala and Anti-Blackness in the South Asian community

Dismantling anti-Blackness by unlearning what we’ve been taught

Alok Menon provided more than just laughs during Vancouver tour stop

Non-binary artist does comedy show at Rio Theatre for LGBTQIA + fans

4 Asian Heritage Month events to Check out in Vancouver

Some exciting events to celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander month in Vancouver.

Anti-Sikh attacks have been on the rise in recent months in the U.S.

Four Sikh elders have been attacked in parts of New York over the last month.

How this local yoga therapist is “Reclaiming Joy” and creating safe spaces for women of colour

A conversation with yoga therapist Harmeet Kaur, discussing joy and creating safe spaces for BIPOC.

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