Calling all coffee connoisseurs! If you’re a Surrey resident who thinks that they have to cross a bridge to have a good ol’ cup of Joe, or if you’re like me and prefer a local, more quaint coffee shop over a big name, here’s your ultimate guide to good coffee in Surrey. 

I’ve rounded up my favourite places to have coffee in Surrey and given you ten spots to get a good cuppa from, none of which require any crossing of bridges or paying for an overpriced iced latte. 

West Village Cafe

This cafe’s tagline is “bringing people together” and the Village sure does. West Village Cafe has been the ultimate networking hub for creatives in Surrey. With an exhaustive food menu serving breakfast, lunch, and lovely pastries, West Village Cafe gives you the same vibes a cafe downtown would, but it’s right in your own city!

Not only is it my favourite spot to hit up for an iced caramel latte, it’s also my favourite spot for coffee puns.

Kaffina Coffee

Most coffee lovers in Surrey will know about Kaffina, but for most it’s a hidden coffee oasis. At Kaffina, the principle of coffee is honesty and they know exactly how a coffee can impact your life -- good or bad. With eccentric decor and the warmest baristas, Kaffina is my favourite spot for a simple, medium roast drip coffee. 

Kaffina uses Vancouver’s favourite independent specialty coffee roaster JJ Bean for all their coffee, which means I never have to leave Surrey to get a Vancouver staple. 

Fresh Cup Coffee

Not only is Fresh St Market the GOAT in my life for all my grocery store adventures, but the market’s in-house coffee shop Fresh Cup Coffee provides one of the most elite cups of coffees. With a new roast on tap most days, the options for good, organic coffee are endless. 

Fresh Cup brings coffee from over 10 countries in the world straight to its two Surrey locations, Panorama and Fleetwood. Rumour has it that one of the locations has better coffee than the other, but I won’t tell you which one.

Crescent Coffee House

Once upon a time, I used to buy a coffee from Starbucks on my way to Crescent Beach. Now, I hit up Crescent Coffee House located right at the beach before long walks on the beach and I haven’t looked back since.

In true coffee shop fashion, this spot is only open until 4pm most days so it’s imperative that you rise and shine in order to caffeinate. 

Espresso Cafe

Located in the heart of Newton, Espresso Cafe is a favourite among locals. Serving good coffee, good snacks, and good chats, Espresso Cafe has historically been a coffee staple in Surrey. One of the best things about this spot is that you can special order coffee beans from anywhere in the world and they’ll get it for you to take home!

Just Cakes Bakeshop

Listen folks, picking up cakes and pastries is hard work. Having to go through all those options and choose which cake jar you want to take home can make one real tiresome. Luckily for us, Just Cakes Bakeshop keeps coffee on deck! 

Imagine that: a cake jar, a friend, and a lovely cup of coffee at one of Surrey’s most iconic shops.

Prado Cafe

As their first venture outside of Vancouver, Civic Plaza’s Prado Cafe is another dope reason to not leave Surrey for good coffee. This is a simple cafe serving all the best simple coffees. It’s got quality beans, delicious baked goods, and it’s right in the middle of hustlin’ and bustlin’ downtown Surrey. 

Serving 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters, it’s another Vancouver staple served right in our neighbourhood. 

Puccino’s Coffee Bar

When I say this spot is a hidden gem, I mean it! Puccino’s provides a classic cafe feel, but you might’ve missed it in the past because it’s nestled inside one of Surrey’s business centres. Even though we’re talking about coffee, it’s their food menu that really gets my heart. With meals that taste just like they were homemade, their menu is diverse and expansive. 

My favourite: a classic Vanilla Latte.

Coffee Monster

All my coffee monsters UNITE! One of my favourite things about this spot is the vibe. It’s just really cool and they encourage us all to be monstrous. They’ve also got tons of pastries, from macaroons, cakes, to delicious ice-cream in cup concoctions. Coffee Monster offers fair trade and fresh organic coffee. When I’m here, I’m usually picking up an iced coffee with one pump of hazelnut and a little bit of oat milk. 

Dude’s Coffee House

Dude’s Coffee House is just as cool as it sounds. Close, but not quite on the beach, Dude’s Coffee House is another spot you can hit up along your way to Crescent Beach. This house is always bustlin’, indicating that’s probably a favourite among locals. 

With tons of options for foodies, even vegans and vegetarians can find tons to nibble on here. And if you’re ever in the mood to swap your brew for a mimosa, they got you covered, too. 

My favourite part: they have macadamia nut milk!

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