Racquel Villagante

Racquel Villagante is the West Coast A&R Representative at SOCAN. Prior to joining the SOCAN’s A&R team, Racquel graduated from the Music Business Management program at Nimbus School of Recording & Media. After graduation, she took on the role as label manager for Nimbus’ in-house record label, Business Class Records, where she was responsible for signing artists & bands, project managing commercial releases, putting on live shows, and building mutually beneficial partnerships with media & sponsors. Soon after, she took on a teaching assistant position at Nimbus, and eventually worked her way up to instructor for classes in Nimbus’ Music Business program. Racquel had prior talent wrangled for the stadium event, We Day, managed artists including her sister, Kimmortal, and was a frequent contributor to HHV (Hip Hop Vancouver)—the go-to online blog for talent discovery in Vancouver’s urban music scene. Racquel’s true passion and purpose lies in connecting creatives and helping them realize and actualize their full potential

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