Rakhi Mutta

Rakhi Mutta is a Toronto-based filmmaker, writer, producer, and owner of Ms Mutta Productions Inc. Her successful projects include the hit viral video Punjabi Mime Thru Time, the popular web-series Anarkali, and the haunting performance exhibit, The Good Indian Bride. She is currently in development of The Sweetest Lie, an online murder mystery web-series. Along with her production work, she is the personal manager of New York Times best-selling author Rupi Kaur.

Rakhi worked in global community development for over 14 years, creating the international non-profit organization Kahaniya, focused on providing tools of documentation for communities whose experiences are often ignored by mainstream media.

This multitalented woman is carving out a space for artists who dare to share refreshing and exhilarating stories with the world.

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