Meet Anjali Appadurai: Climate activist by day and musician by night

Manisha Singh/@exlusivelymanisha

Anjali Appadurai is a climate justice activist by day and a musician by night, who fuses both her passions to bring attention to injustices faced by marginalized communities across the globe.

This year, 5X Festival is hyped to have her on the roster as a performer for the upcoming Blockparty in September, 

Anjali is a great example of how artists can be leaders, and play an important role in initiating change in our communities for the better. 

It is no surprise that art and social change are two pieces of the same pie, and she is no stranger to that.

Art helps to challenge opinions, instill values, and give voice to marginalized communities.

Most of all, it helps to spread awareness and create space for the wider community to engage in conversation about issues that impact us all. 

Appadurai uses her personal platform to discuss injustices faced by communities across the world, including the global impact of the farmer’s protests in India. She is also the founder of the Padma Centre for Climate Justice

The Padma Centre for Climate Justice is a media, education, and storytelling hub, that aims to uplift marginalized voices in the conversation surrounding climate change.

“As a young person of the South Asian diaspora in Canada, I want to bring the climate crisis closer to home, and I want to challenge the idea that climate change is a ‘green’ or only environmental issue,” Appadurai wrote in an Instagram post.

“Climate change is fundamentally about colonialism, and it is driven by an economic system that relies on relentless extraction from the land.”

“This has the most severe effects on Indigenous peoples and communities in the Global South -- and those are the people who also come with the realest solutions. It's their voices I want to raise,” she wrote.

In fact, Appadurai has spoken at countless climate events through her work,  fundraised, and has also had some of her written work published in an academic journal called “Climate Futures.”

“The book is an exploration of the climate crisis through lenses of anti-colonialism, feminism, Indigeneity, sexuality and anti-capitalism,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

Furthermore, Appadurai is a part of a musical duo called Aluma Sound, along with another musician named Ruby Singh.

Aluma Sound is a blend of electronic and eclectic, harmonies and poetry. 

“The music acts both as a container for grief and a fierce declaration of hope in our fractured world,” reads their website.

Together, Appadurai and Singh create unapologetic music that speaks to the heart, and they even had an opportunity to open for the iconic Wu-Tang Clan when they were last in Vancouver.

Appadurai also released a single called “Heat,” which can be found on all streaming services and Youtube.

Interestingly, it was this song that introduced me to Appadurai a few years ago, when I stumbled upon a snippet of it on Instagram.

I was blown away by her vocals, the video, and of course, the powerful message behind it all.

Heat,” is a song about female uprising and divine feminine energy. It is a story of women who came together and fought their way to liberation.

We are excited that all 5X Festival-goers this year will get to see Appadurai live on stage, and we cannot wait to see her perform her uplifting tracks which truly change the game for what it means to be a South Asian artist. 

Watch the music video for “Heat,” right here:

And if you haven’t already, get your Blockparty tickets here, so you don’t miss out on the chance to see Anjali and other incredible artists like The PropheC, Intense, Fateh, and so much more.


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