Comedy Mogul Hasan Minhaj welcomes second child

Manisha Singh (@manishakiran_, @himmatco)

March 2020 has been a month filled with unexpected ups and downs, but Hasan Minhaj and his wife Beena Patel paused the clocks for a moment to share some good news!  Minhaj took to Instagram last week on Thursday to share the news of the birth of his son, and acknowledged that “even in these crazy times, there are so many beautiful moments.”

Minhaj and Patel  met in college and got married in 2015, welcoming their first born in April 2018. Siblings just about a year apart have Minhaj  keen on continuing to expand his family tree, while Patel insists it's done growing. 

Many celebrities and fans flocked to the comments to congratulate the couple,  and we as well cannot wait to see the cuteness that is to come!

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